Teena Singh
HCM Experience Design Professional

I am a software professional with over a decade of broad expertise in software design, development and roll out of HCM (Human Capital Management) software.

Over the years, I gravitated to Experience Design in the HCM space and that is where I have focused the majority of my career.

HCM software enables us to manage the workforce, and I believe it also affects how we  work and engage within our organizations. I am interested in how we will engage in the future and how the enterprise will manage our integral relationships. Designing those innovative experiences for current and future users of workplace software is where I apply my thought, expertise and enthusiasm.

On a day-to-day basis, I work at the intersection of next generation design, user experience and product strategy. I am a committed advocate for user-centered design/design thinking, and this blog is a testament to those philosophies and my passion.